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Luscious Brows is part of Luscious Lashes International and we have been providing qualitytraining and products since 2005
and the Microblading offering will be delivered according to the same stringent standards that we have always adhered to.

Our Microblading team is headed by Lesley-ann who obtained international certification through
David Brow Art (Zhang) in 2012 as well as Lash&Blade in 2016 and also trained with Celebrows and PMU by Gwendolyn.

Not only are we a SAAHSP Corporate Member, our course material is also accredited by SAAHSP as well as
ABT-UK and to date we are the only organisation to obtain accreditation for our course material from both
Local and International industry bodies. Do check the accreditation status of the company as well as the
length of time they have been in the industry before committing your hard earned money to a training course.



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